What We Fund

Arts and Humanities

Creative expression is one of the foundations for happiness, and we support community programs that nurture this desire and give people the opportunity to create, as well as enjoy the arts and humanities through a variety of expressive forms.

Community Development and Public Safety

We strive to improve the quality of both rural and urban life in Baton Rouge and support nonprofit agencies that respond to the needs of the community and programs that promote private philanthropy.

Disaster Resilience

We provide funding for initiatives at all stages of the disaster continuum from preparedness to recovery.  We aim to discover innovative solutions to lessons learned from prior disasters understanding that disasters often exaberate pre-existing social problems challenging a community's resilience.  Some of the areas we have funded are leadership, advocacy, research, mental health, wellness, cross-sector convenings, donor education, vulnerable populations and coastal/environmental issues related to the Gulf.

Emotional and Social Learning

We believe in supporting ancillary education programs in order to support fully-rounded learning from early childhood through postgraduate academics.

Human Services

From the basic necessities of food, clothing and shelter to positive, uplifting recreational activities, we support outreach that nurtures both the physical and emotional needs of the people in our community.

Medical and Mental Health

As strong proponents of health and wellness, we support endeavors that conduct medical research, provide healthcare education, offer increased access to medical care and promote healthy living.

Creative Commons Attribution by Jeffrey Warren


The Pennington Family Foundation is deeply invested in all aspects of the community, and recognize that coastal erosion, clean water, and environmental protection are important to a healthy, thriving Louisiana.